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COLM papers

SPED Light Sheet Microscopy: Fast Mapping of Biological System Structure and Function. Tomer R, Lovett-Barron M, Kauvar I, Andalman A, Burns VM, Sankaran S, Grosenick L, Broxton M, Yang S, and K Deisseroth. Cell 163(7):1796–1806.

Intact-brain analyses reveal distinct information carried by SNc dopamine subcircuits. Lerner TN, Shilyansky C, Davidson TJ, Evans KE, Beier KT, Zalocusky KA, Crow AK, Malenka RC, Luo L, Tomer R, and K Deisseroth. Cell 162:635–647 (2015).

Advanced CLARITY for rapid and high-resolution imaging of intact tissues. Tomer R, Ye L, Hsueh B, and K Deisseroth. Nature Protocols 9(7):1682–1697.

High-resolution figures

Figure 1: CLARITY pipeline overview
Figure 2: ETC
Figure 3: Imaging clarified samples
Figure 4: COLM
Figure 5: Ultrafast imaging of whole mouse brain using COLM
Figure 6: Fast high-resolution imaging of clarified brain using COLM
Figure 7: Optimized confocal microscopy of clarified samples
Figure 8: Molecular interrogation of clarified tissue

Supplementary Figure 1: Sample transparency at key stages of the CLARITY protocol
Supplementary Figure 2: Summary of the control electronics framework and COLM parts

High-resolution videos

Supplementary Video 1
Supplementary Video 2
Supplementary Video 3