Starting in 2021, the Deisseroth lab will be offering remote (pandemic-compatible) versions of their training workshops via Zoom. Online workshops will be offered on the following techniques: optogenetics, fiber photometry, CLARITY, and STARmap. Details on the workshop format and registration information can be found here.

Reviews: Hydrogel-tissue chemistry (HTC) methods including CLARITY

Annual Review of Biophysics 2018
Cell 2016
Scientific American 2016

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Deisseroth Lab HTC Papers

Hydrogel-Tissue Chemistry: Principles and Applications. Gradinaru V, Treweek J, Overton K, and K Deisseroth. Annu Rev Biophysics 47, pp 355–376 2018.

Pathways to clinical CLARITY: volumetric analysis of irregular, soft, and heterogeneous tissues in development and disease. Hsueh B*, Burns VM*, Pauerstein P, Holzem K, Li Y, Engberg X, Wang A-C, Gu X, Chakravarthy H, Arda HE, Charville G, Vogel H, Efimov IR, Kim S, and K Deisseroth. Nature Sci Reports 7:5899, pp 1–16 2017. *equal contributors

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Movie S1: Long-Range Visualization and Tracing of NPAS4+/mPFC-NAc Projecting Cells
Movie 2: Neural connections from the prefrontal cortex across an entire transparent mouse brain.
Supplement: Automated CLARITY Analysis Software Packages

Communication in Neural Circuits: Tools, Opportunities, and Challenges. Lerner TN, Ye L, and K Deisseroth. Cell (Leading Edge Primer) 2016.
Supplementary Table 1: Tools for Neural Circuit Mapping.
Supplementary Table 2: Tissue Transparency Methods for Intact Analyses.
Supplementary Table 3: Activity Readouts for Functional Neural Circuit Analysis.

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